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A Great Deception in the Force (with Matt from The Great Deception Podcast)

On this episode (originally live on Rokfin 9/16/21), Matt from "The Great Deception Podcast" joined me to talk about all things Disney and the underlying propaganda, mind control, and other devious elements involved with this huge corporation.  Of course, we brought Star Wars into the conversation as well.  Check out his podcast - he just got started and great things are ahead for him, support his work!


Konspiracy Kyle on The Deep Share Podcast

This episode is an excerpt from a conversation I had with Andy Rouse on "The Deep Share Podcast" - we talked about Star Wars, current events, Jedi/samurai comparisons and a whole bunch of other stuff - if you enjoy this episode, go check out his podcast/video feeds for the full episode.

May the force be with you!!

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Droids, Clones, and Slaves

Quick episode I recorded from my car - apologies if the audio is less than ideal!

What do droids, clones, and slaves all have in common?  They all have specific control mechanisms inside of them.........tune in to find out more.

Current Events and 9/11 - Part 2 (with Cody @quickdraw1025)

On Part 2 of our conversation. Cody and I dive into the 9/11 theories (which are more fact than fiction), as well as more discussion of spirituality, Christian beliefs, and current event madness.

God bless all those who were affected by 9/11 directly or indirectly.

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Current Events and 9/11 - Part 1 (with Cody @quickdraw1025)

On this episode (part 1 of 2), I sat down with one of my best friends in the world, Cody, to discuss the most pressing current events like the new Biden admin vaccine mandates, Covid craziness, and spiritual battles.  On part 2 we get into 9/11, which will drop on Saturday (9/11).

God bless the USA, our military, and all patriots out there here and abroad!!!!!

You can find Cody @quickdraw1025 on Instagram

Konspiracy Kyle on Amish Inquisition Podcast

This podcast is partial audio from a conversation I had with Amish Inquisition podcast on Sunday September 5th - I had a great time chatting with these guys from the U.K., we talked about the prequels, the music in Star Wars, the start of my love for the Star Wars franchise, and more (including a quick chat about if Boris Johnson is Jar Jar Binks).

If you want to hear the whole episode, the link to the full episode on their feeds is below.  May the force be with you!

198 - Konspiracy Kyle : Tauntauns, Force Ghosts and Useful Idiots

Hey Eavesdroppers, this week we met up with Kyle from Conspiracy In The Force Podcast.

It was great fun and a nice change of pace for us to talk about the Star Wars Universe, it’s ongoing cultural impact and its analogues to current events.

Topics and Themes mentioned with Kyle …. Disconnecting From The Matrix, Social Media, Charlie Robinson, John Williams, The Hero’s Journey, Slaying Younglings, Force Ghost, Tauntauns, SFX, Industrial Light and Magic, CGI, Emergency Powers, Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, Fall Of The Republic, Security vs Liberty, Trade Federation, Jar Jar Binks, Useful Idiots, Dune, George Lucas, Demolition Man, Boiling Frog, Government Overreach, Military Creation Act, Sulla, Darth Plagueis, Myth, Star Wars Fatigue, Mandalorian, Benioff And Weiss, Anakin’s Redemption, Knights Of Ren, Captain Phasma, Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones, Carbonite, VHS, Cinema Industry, Avatar, James Cameron, Aliens, Terminator 2, Rogue One, K-2SO, Solo,  ….

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On this episode, we dive in to the Afghanistan conflict and its ending and how it related to the Clone Wars conflict and the Vietnam conflict.  Spoiler alert: they were all......pointless.

Flat Earth, Flat Galaxy (with Dave Weiss from The Flat Earth Podcast)

On this episode I am enjoyed by the amazing Dave Weiss to give me a "Flat Earth for Dummies" breakdown, as this is a topic I know nothing about.  This was a mind-expanding episode that I hope you can learn from as well!  

Find Dave at

Risk and Australia

I talk about the optimal strategy in the board game "Risk" and how it ties into what is currently happening in Australia.

Various Topics (Rhyming History and Harry Potter Conspiracies)

This episode contains audio from a two short videos I recorded while driving to and from work on a variety of topics (apologies if the audio is less than ideal):

- How the Star Wars films and history "rhyme" with prior events (not necessarily "repeat")

- Conspiracies/symbolism in the Harry Potter films (I'll be doing deep dives into other franchises like HP in "Side Quest" episodes in the future)

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